Why EcoFoot?

The design of the EcoFoot was derived from necessity. Our design team consulted with members of the trade; including: equipment installers, contractors, mechanical engineers and roofing consultants. We asked them what they liked, and more importantly, disliked about the current support products they used. The feedback was unanimous.

Every user wanted a more versatile support, providing more options and easier installation. An overwhelming majority wanted a product that was locally manufactured and eco-friendly. This lead to the design of the EcoFoot. read more

EcoFoot Warranty

All EcoFoot products are covered by a 10 year unlimited product warranty. Any issue due to product malfunction will be replaced free of charge. (Installation error may not be covered.)

EcoFoot News

March 2013: EcoFoot breaks the mould... again. Redesigned for more durability, the new EcoFoot is 35% more durable than it's predecessor.

May 2013: EcoFrames receive an upgrade - with new rails, that slide on top for easier installation. New support beams for longer frames without the need for as many feet - keeping costs down. And a new turnbuckle design leg assembly for easier height adjustment and equipment levelling capabilities.

Oct 2014: Eco Support Products is proud to announce a partnership with Taylor Pipe Supports. A leader in the Canadian market and Canadian manufacturer of mechanical, plumbing and fire protection products. Together, we will provide the entire range of support products for the industry - both prefabricated and do it your self.

Nov 2014: Eco Support Products launches the EcoBlok. A cost effective support for low to the surface runs like gas lines, and walkway products.

Jan 2015: EcoBlok approved for government project.

Feb 2015: EcoBlok approved for installation on gold Leed certified building.


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