for light support solutions.


The EcoBlok is designed for applications with light support requirements. It's an eco-friendly solution to using lumber and other miscellaneous supports below pipe and small equipment on rooftops. The EcoBlok can accommodate standard 1-5/8" strut, for all accessories and standard fittings. Each EcoBlok is made from recycled tires and UV stabilized for long lasting support. The design and materials of the EcoBlok provide vibration dampening, perfect for protecting the rooftop and reducing vibration noise below.

specification reference:

Product to be supported on EcoBlok, made from 100% recycled Canadian content. Product designed to adapt to 1-5/8" strut, secured to block by nut and bolt (glue and adhesive - not sufficient and not accepted). EcoBlok is UV stabilized and non-penetrative for longevity and roof membrane protection. The EcoBlok is constructed from a hot compression moulded process combining granulated ambient SBR 8-20 mesh, mixed with UV stabilized binding agent. Product confirms to USA Standard ASTMF F 1292-99. Each block is designed to support a load of 100 lbs for safe roof loading. For larger loads, multiple EcoBloks can be combined for for greater weight dispersion.