Heavy Frame

for large equipment, chillers, etc.


The EcoFoot Heavy Frame is designed for the heaviest of support requirements. It's the solution to avoiding the need for concrete casting during construction. The EcoFoot Heavy Frame can accommodate I-beams as a rail support for large equipment. Each leg is height adjustable to account for unlevel roof surfaces, ensuring the equipment sits level for optimum operation. For installations requiring seismic bracing or extreme wind loading, the EcoFoot Roof Lock Kit can be used to secure the base safely to the rooftop while satisfying requirements and producing a safe, secure water-tight seal to avoid roof leaks.

specification reference:

Product to be supported on EcoFoot Heavy Frame. Metal framework construction of 2" x 2" square tube mild steel with electroplated zinc coating, height adjustable leg assemblies and and fittings supported by 17.5" x 17.5" non-penetrative UV stabilized EcoFoot bases. Product is North American engineered and manufactured from local raw materials in an eco-friendly method, minimizing waste and environmental impact. EcoFoot bases to rest on North American manufactured UV stabilized recycled pre-polymer bound rubber mats. Heavy Frame is non-penetrative and is designed to avoid roof membrane penetration.