MiniFrame 175

for supporting small VRV/VRF and HVAC units


The MiniFrame 175 is designed for supporting small equipment. This is perfect for units weighing less than 250lbs. It is designed to securely support all types equipment on membrane roofs without the need for cutting holes, pouring concrete bases or making any modifications to the roofing membrane. This method is not only less labor intensive, but also a much more versatile solution for on-site modifications and fine adjustments. The mini frame is made of 2" x 2" square tube. The non-penetrative design spreads out the weight load, keeping the roofing membrane safe and decking/insulation below free of damage.

specification reference:

Product to be supported on EcoFoot MiniFrame. Metal framework construction of a of 2" x 2", mild steel with electroplated zinc coating, 42" wide x 18" high, supported by 17.5" x 17.5" non-penetrative UV stabilized EcoFoot bases. Product is North American engineered and manufactured from local raw materials in an eco-friendly method, minimizing waste and environmental impact. EcoFoot bases to rest on North American manufactured UV stabilized recycled prepolymer bound rubber mats. Product supplied flat packed with assembly instructions. MiniFrame is non-penetrative and is designed to avoid roof membrane penetration.

each kit includes:

  • 2 x pre-welded frames, 18" tall x 42" long
  • 4 x EcoFoot 175 bases
  • 4 x Anti-vibration mats
  • 4 x clamp kits