Quick Frame 120

for supporting cable tray, pipework systems and ductwork runs


The QuickFrame 120 is an economical support solution for lighter weight rooftop supports. It's built to accommodate 1/2" thread rod, or 1-5/8" strut off the shelf. This allows for the most flexible solutions and ease of setup. The non-penetrative design spreads out the weight load, keeping the roofing membrace safe and decking/insulation below free of damage. For heavier loads, we recommend the QuickFrame 175.

specification reference:

Product to be supported on EcoFoot QuickFrame 120. Designed to accept 1-5/8" x 1-5/8" strut, complete with 12" x 12" non-penetrative UV stabilized bases. Product is made of HDPE and glass fiber fill. Product is manufactured in an eco-friendly method, minimizing waste and environmental impact. EcoFoot QuickFrame 120 to rest on UV stabilized recycled pre-polymer bound rubber mats.

recommended rooftop loading (per base):

125 lbs = 1 PSI
250 lbs = 2 PSI

* See consultant for acceptable PSI roof load

each kit includes:

  • (2) Injection Moulded Feet
  • (2) Anti-Vibration Mats
  • (4) 90° Strut Brackets*
  • (8) Spring Nuts
  • (8) 1/2" Bolts