Safety Walk

for safe, secure personnel access


The EcoFoot Safety Walk provides a clear route for rooftop traffic and is designed for quick, non-penetrative installation. Utilizing two main components, a custom pathway can be designed by using stock products. The only thing required for installation is a wrench. No cutting, no welding... simple! For installations requiring seismic bracing or extreme wind loading, the EcoFoot Roof Lock can be used to secure the base safely to the rooftop while satisfying requirements and producing a safe, secure water-tight seal to avoid roof leaks.

specification reference:

EcoFoot Safety Walk to be installed, constructed of 2" x 2" box section and flat plate mild steel, hot dipped galvanized finished with open grid landings and stair treads. Product is North American engineered and manufactured from local raw materials in an eco-friendly method, minimizing waste and environmental impact. Metalwork to be supported by North American designed and manufactured UV stabilized 17.5" x 17.5" EcoFoot bases. EcoFoot bases rest on North American manufactured UV stabilized recycled pre-polymer bound rubber mats. Safety Walk is non-penetrative and designed to avoid roof membrane penetration.